Meet Our Trainers

Scott Hundahl

Scott Hundahl is Owner/Trainer at CrossFit Skagit along with his wife, Rita. They have two daughters and make CrossFit Skagit a family affair. Scott has lived in Skagit Valley all his life, growing up in Newhalem and Marblemount. His youth was very active, including dirt bike riding, swimming, biking, and youth and high school sports. Scott has continued his active lifestyle and currently enjoys snowboarding at Mt Baker Ski Resort, wake-boarding, mountain biking, adult softball and volleyball. Scott is actively involved in youth sports and is a Little League softball coach.

In his 20’s and 30’s Scott had several knee injuries which lead to 8 surgeries, 4 on each knee and was starting to think he would have to give up sports because of the pain. Now at the start of his 40’s he has never felt stronger. Since he has been CrossFitting for 5 years he has strengthened his knees, as well as overall fitness, through the CrossFit program.

Scott has a passion to learn more about CrossFit and is constantly seeking out education to bring more knowledge to the CrossFit Skagit members. He is CrossFit Level 1, Kids, Gymnastics, Mobility and WKC Kettlebell Sport Certified.

Rita Hundahl

Rita Hundahl is Owner/Trainer of Crossfit Skagit along with her husband, Scott. They have two daughters and make CrossFit Skagit a family affair. Rita has lived in Skagit Valley all her life, growing up in Concrete. Her youth was very active, including swimming, biking, hiking, climbing trees, keeping up with 6 brothers, 5 of which are older than her, and 3 sisters. She played volleyball and softball in high school. Rita currently enjoys adult softball, volleyball, biking with her daughters and husband, swimming and wake-boarding. Rita is actively involved in youth sports and is on the Burlington Little League Board and coaches Little League girls softball.

Rita started CrossFit in her 30’s after having her second daughter, seeing it as a way to get back her core strength. After just a few workouts Rita realized this was a lifestyle change that could keep her strong enough to keep up with her young children, and keep her in better shape than a traditional workout for the sports she is still doing. Rita realized if it works for her, it can work for anyone.

Rita is currently CrossFit Level 1 Certified and has an active interest in proper nutrition and learning about real foods and keeping her family healthy as well as sharing this with CrossFit Skagit members.

Carly Nicol

Carly Nicol was born and raised in Skagit Valley.  She was very active growing up, trying out as many sports as possible eventually turning her focus to soccer.  She played during high school and then played for Skagit Valley College.  Currently Carly still plays soccer and runs ½ marathons when she can.  She also coaches soccer during the fall and in the winter is the statistician for the Skagit Valley College Men’s Basketball Team.  When she isn’t involved in these activities she is being a wife to a wonderful supportive husband, a mom to a 15 month old happy little boy and a teacher to a large classroom of Kindergarteners!

Carly joined Crossfit Skagit in May 2011 and it has become a way of life for her. She feels she is on her way to being in the best shape of her life and she is excited to help others on their journey as well.  Carly is CrossFit Level 1 certified.

Chad Fransson

Darayl Taylor

Andrea Garcia